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Thinking of breeding from your dog?

Timing the fertile period of the bitch can be difficult. Most bitches will ovulate between 11-13 days after the start of pro oestrus (bleeding and swollen vulva) but can be between 5-30 days!! Here at Jubilee Veterinary Centre we can help you pin point this and find the optimum mating time for your bitch. We offer;

  1. Vaginal cytology (smears)
  2. Plasma progesterone measurements (blood sample)

Do you think your bitch is pregnant?

Jubilee Veterinary Centre has invested in a state of the art Ultrasound scanner to give you the very best images from 28 days of pregnancy.

A quick blood sample to measure the hormone Relaxin can also be sent to an external laboratory to confirm pregnancy.

Planned pregnancy?

If you have planned to breed from your bitch, remember her annual vaccines should be up to date to give the pups the best chance of survival. Jubilee Veterinary Centre also recommends that bitches should be wormed with Panacur 10% every day from day 40 of pregnancy to 2 days after whelping.

Fading puppy syndrome, a deadly disease of new born pups can be prevented by vaccinating against herpes virus during pregnancy. Bitches should be vaccinated 7 days after mating and again 7 days before whelping with this vaccine.

Unwanted pregnancy?

Although owners may try their best to keep fertile females away from entire male dogs, sometimes unwanted pregnancies will occur. If you feel that your pet may be pregnant and you do not want them to be please make an appointment to come and speak to one of our vets as quickly as possible.

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