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We see all sizes of birds from canaries to parrots and hawks through to ostriches! We are very happy to give general husbandry and health advice to ensure that your bird remains healthy. However birds are very good at hiding illness and so we recommend regular health checks for your bird. These can either be through a veterinary consultation or via a free nurse clinic.

For example, well over 80% of ‘healthy’ African Greys that we check for the first time have problems. This is not to say that they are sick, think of it more like the mechanic telling you that the oil is low in your car, as long as you know, you can deal with it in order to prevent a major breakdown in the future! Many of these problems require a blood test to confirm and we can recommend what tests may be appropriate for your bird.

We see a range of conditions including feet problems in raptors, feather problems in parrots and overgrown nails in cockatiels. However we also deal with more serious problems such as leg and wing fractures. Our vets and nurses are also able to supply professional supportive nutritional care in the important postoperative period.

A good diet is vital for the ongoing health of your bird and is an area which causes a lot of confusion. The diet obviously depends on the type of bird but the most common dietary problem we see is with parrots, from both big macaws to small budgies, eating too much dry seed. We would recommend a mixture of fresh fruit and veg, Harrison’s pellets and some seeds and nuts. Supplements, especially calcium, may also be recommended. Bird diets are complicated and will take time to discuss! Many clients have tried to change their pets’ diet but birds can be very stubborn so we are able to give advice on how to change the diet. We also enjoy having your bird in to board in our aviary either while you are on holiday or to allow us to start the conversion process for you. For dietary conversion at JVC we find that after 5-7 days most birds will have started to eat a wider range of foods after which they will then be sent home to continue the process there. Many birds, especially African Greys and Galah cockatoos, may also benefit from the provision of extra UV light. We have these in stock and can advise you if they are appropriate.

As well as Harrison’s bird food we also stock a wide range of supplements from VetArk, the BirdCare Company, F10, Meadows Animal Health, Genitrix and others. To order these products click here.

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