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Nurse Clinic

Here at Jubilee Veterinary Centre we have an excellent team of dedicated veterinary nurses wanting to care for your pets health needs. Just as in human medicine, preventative health care is becoming more important. Prevention is always better than cure and the earlier we can identify a disease process the more likely we can do something about it.

Our nurse clinics are not in place to take over veterinary consultation where vets diagnose and treat disease. They are intended for “apparently healthy pets” to ensure we can detect diseases earlier as a sort of early warning system, similar to “MOT’s” in the human sector. For example we can check blood profiles in relation to kidney and liver function, early onset of diabetes, arthritis, gum and dental surveys.

Golden Oldies Clinic

We unfortunately cannot hold back time! This is a clinic for your pet as s/he gets into senior years say 8 for a dog and 10 for a cat. Clearly depending on the breed, the age will be different. Yorkshire terriers can live until they are 16 whereas Great Danes can be fortunate to live to 10. The oldest cat ever treated here apparently was 30 years old!

Kidney and liver disease, diabetes, thyroid problems all tend to be common in the older pet. Unfortunately by the time severe clinical disease is picked up (relentless drinking and weight loss) the disease can be in its advanced stages and there may not be a lot we can do. In this clinic, our nurses can monitor weight, drinking and sample urine and blood at reduced cost to veterinary assessment.

Consider it like your yearly MOT! If everything is clear you will be notified on the same day. If our work flags up some problems then veterinary advice will be obtained and recommendations made.

Cost for nurse consultation free. Blood and urine can be tested by the nurse at a discounted fee. For more information please speak to Vet or nurse at time of appointment.

Obesity Clinic

Animals can also gain weight which may be down to incorrect diet or lack of exercise. This clinic is designed to give advice and help you with diet, exercise and medication if required.

Clinic free to clients regularly purchasing food from us and under our care.

Chronic conditions e.g. Arthritis

Every pet is different and they may need varying levels of pain relief which can also be monitored by nursing staff. Lack of exercise and being overweight also have an effect and management of this can be discussed with the nurses.

Clinic free to clients on pain relieving medication purchased in our Centre and under our care.

Puppy and Kitten Clinics

Getting a new puppy or kitten is a very exciting experience. After your pet has had his or her vaccinations sometimes owners forget what they need to do with them in the coming year. Just like with people the first six months to a year is a very important time with growing, feeding, and neutering issues to consider. At our clinics, our nurses will give a general check and discuss any areas of concern you might have. Neutering can be organised and your yearly booster appointment can be arranged.

Cost for full nurse examination is free however any other services or products are chargeable.

Free Nurse Dental Clinics

You can have your pets teeth assessed by a qualified veterinary nurse to see if dental work is needed however subsequent treatment will be chargeable.

Exotic animal nurse clinics

Here at Jubilee Veterinary Centre we are pleased to offer a nursing clinic for any of your bird, reptile or any other exotic species owners out there with a qualified exotic species nurse. These clinics will offer advice on feeding and general care of the animal. They are not meant to replace veterinary consultation where vets diagnose and treat disease.

So if you are interested in receiving free professional advice and a general check on your pet, please contact reception to make an appointment on 02891812226.

To make an appointment today for any nurse clinic, please contact us on 028 9181 2226.

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