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Time to let go

Animals like ourselves unfortunately cannot avoid the passage of time. Hopefully your pet will be happy and content to a good age with our help.

As responsible and caring pet owners however, the issue of end of the road decisions will come to us all. With age, our pets bodies can become frail and their quality of life can deteriorate. There might be a degee of pain or discomfort that our veterinary painkillers can no longer control. This may be hard for us to watch and distressing for our pets to endure.

At Jubilee we understand, as pet owners ourselves, what a distressing time this can be for you and your loved pet. Putting your animal to sleep is an emotive issue and is never taken lightly. We can give you time in quiet periods of the day to discuss all of your options.

The act itself is quick and painless. Some owners like to be present and we are more than happy for you to be there if you wish. A home visit can also be arranged if you prefer.

Please be assured that the act itself will always be carried out in a sensitive and caring manner.

We have a local crematorium we work with and they can take care of your pets remains if you need this facility. You can discuss this with the vet at the time if you wish.

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