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As well as preventing unwanted pregnancy in your dog or cat neutering comes with many additional benefits.

Castration benefits

  • Reduced wandering
  • Reduced fighting (esp cats that will put them at risk of Feline aids and leukaemia)
  • Makes your pet calmer
  • Reduced risk prostate disease when older (dogs)
  • Cannot get testicular cancer when castrated (common ailment in older dogs)
  • Reduced risk perineal herniation
  • Reduced risk perianal adenomas (tumour of skin)


  • A degree of weight gain is possible but can easily be controlled with feeding

Spaying (hysterectomy) benefits

  • Dog will not come into heat for 3 weeks twice a year
  • Clearly dogs and cats cannot conceive
  • Reduced risk of breast cancer if performed before 3rd heat
  • Do not have the worry of birth or rehoming/vaccinating kittens/puppies
  • Cannot get life threatening womb infection (Pyometra)


  • Weight gain can again be an issue.
  • A small percentage of bitches might develop hormonal urinary incontinence many years after spaying. This is reduced if performed after the first heat and is easily controlled with medication if it occurs.

06Jubilee Veterinary Centre recommends neutering your cats from 6 months of age and castrating your dogs from 6 months of age and preferably before 15 months of age for maximal behavioural effect.

Bitches should be neutered after the first heat, ideally before the 3rd. There is a 4 month window between heats that this surgery should be performed. Call the surgery to speak to a nurse or vet if you have any questions or are concerned.

Several local animal charities NCDL, Assissi, Cats Protection League and Dogs Trust can provide financial help to pay for neutering if you are receiving certain benefits. Speak to a member of staff for details.

All surgery is carried out in our newly refurbished modern sterile operating theatres by experienced staff with modern drugs, painkillers and techniques. Dogs receive intravenous fluids throughout the procedure which allows smoother recoveries. We supply buster collars , neck lick preventers and now have an option to get a special body suit if you don’t like buster collars. Please feel free to discuss with the nurse on admission.

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