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Cardiac scanning at Jubilee veterinary centre

In the last month we have invested in a new cardiac ultrasound scanner. This allows us to look within the heart itself and examine the chamber sizes, how well the muscles are working and identify holes within the heart and leaky valves.

A new cardiac study called the “EPIC TRIAL” ( has showed that dogs with cardiac murmurs displaying heart chamber enlargement before the onset of clinical signs of heart failure benefit dramatically from the use of the drug pimobendan. In this trial  the median delay from starting the drug to displaying signs of congestive heart failure was 15 months. So thats 15 more quality months of great quality of life.


At jubilee we are very keen to identify these dogs so we can improve their quality of life. Small breed dogs especially cavaliers tend to be over represented. If you have a small breed dog that you are concerned about or if you know your dog has a heart murmur or is displaying symptoms of heart failure- heavy breathing, reduced exercise tolerance or cough then feel free to make an appointment with one of our vets.

Please note that even if your dog is already in heart failure we have medications that can make a real difference.

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