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07Pups and kittens may be born with a burden of roundworms passed from their mother in the womb or through the milk. The worm is called toxocara and can cause a disease in people called visceral larval migrans. Worming your new pet is very important to minimise disease in your pet and in very rare cases to yourself.



  • Pregnant bitches should be wormed with every day from day 40 of pregnancy until 2 days after birth with panacur suspension
  • Pups should be wormed monthly with Milpro for 3 to 6 months depending on worm burdens, then every three months with an adult Milpro.
  • Adult dogs need wormed for roundworm and tapeworm every 3 months with Milpro tablets.


  • Worm cats with drontal cat as soon as you can before pregnancy
  • Kittens should be wormed monthly with advocate spot on monthly from birth for 2 months.
  • Adult cats should be wormed 3 monthly with Drontal cat or Broadline Spot-on which covers all external and internal parasites.
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